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Institutional Leaders

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Institutional Leaders’ Perspectives on the Value, Opportunities and Challenges

 of Life-wide Learning and Extra- and Co-curricular Awards


Chair: Professor Norman Jackson, SCEPTrE, University of Surrey

Professor Elaine Thomas, Vice-Chancellor, University for the Creative Arts

Professor Stephen Hill, Director of Teaching and Learning Innovation, University of Gloucestershire

Dr Jane Grenville, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Students), University of York (via videoconference) 

Dr Jenny Willis will keep notes of the plenary and break out discussions to create a report of the discussion themes and issues after the conference.







Elaine Thomas Creative Arts – A Platform for Life-wide Learning?

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Jane Grenville - The York Award

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Stephen Hill 'Co-curricular learning'

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All institutions are faced with the wicked problem of helping their students prepare for a very uncertain and perpetually challenging world in which the pace of change and the demands on human agency and identity are continuously increasing. The ‘what we do’ is a continuous question and there are many possibilities. We clearly have to have academic programmes that educate and develop critical thinking for a modern world. But we also need to be creative in the way we utilize the resources of students wider life experiences in enabling them to optimize the value of their higher level learning experience.


The ideas of life-wide learning and life-wide education are simply a way of framing a way of thinking about this problem – which should be seen as a opportunity to do more than we currently do rather than a chronic issue to be resolved. But we live in severely economically challenging times with many people losing their jobs, companies reshaping around their core businesses and substantial cuts in public spending and some public services (including higher education). Such a climate has the potential to stifle new ideas and drive people into risk avoidance. Yet these sort of unstable and uncertain conditions are exactly what we need to prepare our students for and we will not do this if we simply withdraw to mindsets that only aspire to core business. The real potential is in the added value beyond core business.Resolving this tension is the challenge for this debate.


Institutional leaders (managers and policy leaders) with an interest in these challenges will offer their perspectives on the value, implications, opportunities and challenges of life-wide learning and extra- and co-curricular awards. This will be followed by a chaired open forum. After the session there will be an opportunity for people interested in the issues raised to continue discussion in an informal break-out group.







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