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Students’ Voices

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Students' Voices 


Students and their learning and personal development lie at the heart of the idea of life-wide learning. We are attempting to highlight that they themselves are contributing in a very significant way to shaping their own educational experience and becoming the sort of human being they want to be through the things that they are doing in addition to their academic studies or research project. In this session we will draw on the experiences and insights of three University of Surrey students. Their personal stories and analyses will provide useful resources to stimulate discussion.


Lisa Shah VP Student Societies and Individual Development will introduce and chair the session

Sarah Campbell will talk about some of the research that has been undertaken into students' life-wide learning experiences.

Mahesh Satiapillai will present a film on behalf of four volunteering students who travelled to Uganda to volunteer in the summer of 2009.

Mark Sheppard  - will talk about the way he has integrated work and academic study.


Report of panel and breakout discussion




Sarah Campbell



Mahesh Satiapillai & Francesca Oh talk

about their volunteering experience in Uganda




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Mark Sheppard presentation


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