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Integrating PDP, e-portfolio and HEAR

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Making informal learning explicit: the challengs of

integrating PDP, enabling technology and HEAR


Chair Rob Ward CEO Centre for Recording Achievement andcoordinator of PDP and e-portfolio network

Jill Armstrong Dean of Learning Development, York St John University

Mark Atlay, University of Bedfordshire


PDP practice with its strong focus on forward thinking, planning and reflective thinking, is an essential underpinning to supporting ‘learning through experience’ and making informal learning explicit. Technology – in the form of e-portfolios, social media and blogs has an important role to play in supporting reflective and planning processes. Then we have the challenge of HEAR and its need for systems that can produce automated but useful information about students’ learning, including their informal learning. The challenge is to connect and integrate these things so that they are not only efficient in generating information but they are effective in really helping students learn and become more self-aware.


HEAR Rob Ward




Breakout dicussion audio podcast



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 Mark Atlay presentation

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