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University of Nottingham

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The Nottingham Advantage Award

Vicky Mann

Nottingham Advantage Award Co-Ordinator

Centre for Career Development, University of Nottingham







Key Words

Employability, informal learning, reflective learning, extra curricular award, co curricular award, evaluation, skills, self-assessment


The University of Nottingham launched its employability award in the 08/09 academic year.


Purpose: To provide a mechanism through which students can gain formal recognition for learning derived from extra and co curricular activity, reflect upon the skills they develop, become more aware of how to articulate these skills to employers and enhance their overall employability.    


What it involves


1)       Voluntary participation in 3 accredited modules taken over a minimum of 2 years

2)       Access to a range of extra and co curricular opportunities made available by both academic and non academic departments through the modular framework

3)       Formal recognition of extra and co curricular achievement

4)       Enhancement of new and existing activities offered at the university through completion of a combination of skills training, independent study and assessment.

5)       Completion of reflective activities, enabling the development of critical thinking, self evaluation and analysis of skills acquisition and development.

6)       Building a portfolio of evidence to reflect learning, achievement and skills development that has taken place across different areas.


For a more detailed version of the poster please see:

Nottingham Advantage Award Poster.pdf


Vicky Mann

Nottingham Advantage Award Co-Ordinator

Centre for Career Development, University of Nottingham, NG7 2RD

Email: Vicky.mann@nottingham.ac.uk



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