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University of Lancaster

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The Lancaster Award


Elaine Davies, Careers Advisor and Agnes Finley

Centre for Employability, Enterprise and Careers

Lancaster University



Email: elaine.davies@lancaster.ac.uk



Key Words

Employability, career development, skills bank, work experience, career development and campus community and social development.


Lancaster University is in the first year of offering the Lancaster Award to all of its students.


Purpose: Lancaster University not only values the academic achievement of our students, but also recognises the importance of the activities they engage in, outside their programme of study and the way in which such activities contribute to their employability. The Award encourages the completion of such activities, helps students pull their experiences together in one place and then be recognised for their accomplishments.


What it involves

To achieve the Award students are required to undertake activities in four areas:


Employability and career development

Campus, community and social development

Work experience

Additional skills


Students attend a comprehensive workshop detailing the activities required to complete the award. They then complete an Activities Checklist, a comprehensive Skills Bank and a LA Application Form. All these forms are checked in an interview with a Careers Adviser. The forms, once approved, are passed to the LA Interview Panel made up of employers and university staff. A short panel interview then takes place and successful students receive their award in a formal LA Awards Ceremony to be held annually in the summer term.


The Award is endorsed by major graduate recruiters and the Students’ Union who work with CEEC on both the design and delivery of the Award.


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