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University of Bath

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Bath Award

Samantha Chaffey 

Bath Award Co-ordinator 



The Bath Award recognises and accredits the skills and achievements of students engaged in all types of extra-curricular activities and skills training. The Award operates alongside the degree programme and captures the benefits gained from all aspects of university life. The Bath Award is awarded to those students who have demonstrated their ability to articulate the development of their key transferable skills during their time at the University of Bath.


The pilot of the scheme was successfully launched in 2008/9 and gained a high level of interest. 114 students signed up, 55 submitted and 41 passed. A presentation ceremony took place on the 28th May 2009 attended by the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Learning and Teaching, and representatives from Santander who provided funding for the award.


An evaluation and review of the pilot scheme took place over the summer following student and assessor feedback, and the Award launched in full in the academic year 2009/10.



What is involved?

Students are required to:


Present a submission which will contain evidence of participation in their chosen activities and training, a self-assessment of their competency both before and after their development, and the Bath Award Assessment Form which requires the articulation and reflection of the student’s development in the following six skills:

·         Teamwork

·         Written Communication

·         Verbal Communication

·         Leadership

·         Commercial Awareness

·         Problem-solving


Undertake a minimum of 300 hrs of extra-curricular activity (incl. volunteering) or work experience

Undertake four skills training sessions (e.g. from the SORTED and/or Careers Advisory Service

‘Skills Development Programme’)


Show that they have met the following Learning Outcomes in their submission:


·         A self-reflective and analytical approach to personal development

·         The ability to articulate the development gained from their experiences

·         The ability to present their experiences succinctly, clearly & appropriately

·         A sound appreciation of the employment market & what they have to offer

·         The development of a wide range of transferable skills

·         A positive and responsible approach to citizenship


For a detailed version of the poster please see:

BATH AWARDfinalA1 09.pdf


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