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Co- and Extra-curricular Awards

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The recent growth of co- and extra- curricular awards in the UK is an important emergent phenomenon. One of the purpose of the conference is to encourage the mapping and initial documentation of these awards.



Beyond the Curriculum: Opportunities to enhance employability and future life choices 

Tom Norton, Director, Internal Policy Development, 1994 Group 


The 1994 Group of research-intensive universities have for many years been working with students’ unions to offer activities outside the curriculum in order to give their students the opportunity to broaden their university experience and enhance their employability. There has also been a strong commitment through the development of awards to formally recognise students’ engagement in, and their learning from, such activities.  Recognised co-curricular activity, run in parallel to degree programmes, is a route through which to meet employers’ demand for skills obtained outside the academic curriculum and develop employability and career prospects of graduates. It is also, crucially, an extremely effective way of enhancing the experience of students whether they are undergraduate or postgraduate, from the UK or another country, or they are studying full-time or part-time. In 2009 a survey was conducted within the 1994 Group of universities to map the nature and extent of such awards. This paper will describe the results of the survey and identify key challenges to delivering and extending such activity.




Provisional Map of Co- and Extra- curricular awards in UK Universities 

Charlotte Rickett, Surrey Centre for Excellence in Professional Training and Education (SCEPTrE), University of Surrey


A web-based search combined with networking has identified almost 50 universities in the UK that have developed or are actively developing a scheme / award to recognise learning and development gained by students from experiences that are additional to their academic programme. This preliminary map summarises the results to date. If your institution offers an award but is not on this map or if you wish to add any information please let me know.


Contact email: c.rickett@surrey.ac.uk


Research into co-curricular and extra-curricular awards interim report September 2009

(Please note some of the information in this report may now be outdated)






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