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 Enabling a More Complete Education

Encouraging, Recognising and Valuing Life-Wide Learning in Higher Education

April 13 and 14th  2010, University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, England



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Conference Programme


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invited speaker and panel sessions will be streamed live from the links below 

Live Twitter Feed

Live commentary and comment

Twitter user? Use the #lifewidelearning tag to ask questions and leave your thoughts!





Tuesday April 13


11-45-12.40 Griffiths Lecture Theatre – Lecture Theatre Block

                                     Life-Wide Education: a new and transformative concept for higher education?                                      

Professor Ron Barnett, Institute of Education, University of London 


16.40-17.40 Griffiths Lecture Theatre – Lecture Theatre Block 

                                                                           Life-wide Learning; ‘What matters to me as a teacher?’                                                                                

Professor John Cowan, Heriot-Watt University


16.40-17.40 Learning in a Complex World: creating meaning through narrative and the role of

technology in augmenting human sense-making

Dave Snowden, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge Pte Ltd



Wednesday April 14th


11.35-12.30 Griffiths Lecture Theatre – Lecture Theatre Block 

                                       The Balance between Communities and Personal Agency: Transferring and                                             

integrating knowledge and know-how between different communities and contexts

Professor Michael Eraut University of Sussex


14.15-15.10 Griffiths Lecture Theatre – Lecture Theatre Block 

How can technology help us realize the learning potential of a life-wide curriculum?

Towards a curriculum for resilience 

Dr Richard Hall, De Montfort University and NTF 


14.15 -15.10 Room A Lecture Theatre Block

Beyond the Curriculum:opportunities to enhance employability and future life choices 

Tom Norton, Director, Internal Policy Development, 1994 Group 





Tuesday April 13th


13.45-14.55 Institutional LeadersOpportunities and challenges of valuing and recognizing informal learning.


15.00-16.00 Students’ VoicesValuing and recognising our life-wide learning.


Wednesday April 14th


09.00-09.55 Award Leaders – What have we learnt about assuring the quality and standards of our extra- and co-curricular awards?


10.00-10.55 Employer Perspectives - Are these forms of learning valuable to employers?


13.15-14.10 PDP-e-portfolio practitioners- Making informal learning explicit: the challenge of integrating PDP, technology and HEAR



Poster Gallery Posters will be animated through a 2 minute pitch

If you would like to share what your institution is doing please contact Charlie Rickett c.rickett@surrey.ac.uk


Artist in Residence Patrick Saunders 

Artist in Residence GSA Dancers



This is the first national conference that has tried to bring together educational practitioners, institutional leaders, students, employer representatives and interested agencies and networks to share their perspectives and practices and consider the opportunities and challenges afforded by co-curricular and extra-curricular Award schemes.



  • To stimulate development and evaluation of the ideas of life-wide learning and life-wide education.
  • To facilitate networking by bring people together who are involved in promoting and facilitating students’ learning and development through co- and extra-curricular experiences and or who organise award schemes that recognise and value such learning
  • To encourage the sharing of experiences and practices so that we all might be better informed develop knowledge about these schemes through their documentation.
  • To promote discussion about the value, opportunities and challenges afforded by the concepts of life-wide learning and life-wide education and the recognition and award schemes that have been developed to draw benefit from these forms of learning.


Recent surveys have shown that at least fifty universities in the UK are now offering award schemes that promote and value learning gained beyond the academic curriculum.




Following the untimely death of Professor Michael Pittilo, Vice Chancellor of The Robert Gordon University,

who was to have contributed to the conference, we are dedicating the conference to his memory.





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